Cape Breton Regional Municipality Regional Enterprise Network

The Cape Breton Regional Municipality Regional Enterprise Network (CBRM REN) is a collaborative effort between the Province of Nova Scotia (through the Department of Economic Development), the Cape Breton Regional Municipality (CBRM), and the Cape Breton Partnership

The Cape Breton Partnership is the Economic Development arm of the Cape Breton Regional Municipality through the CBRM Regional Enterprise Network (CBRM REN). The Cape Breton Partnership employs the Economic Development Officers who provide services in the CBRM and support new and established businesses by connecting them to resources, programs, and information to make it easier to start or grow their business in CBRM. The Cape Breton Partnership, through the CBRM REN, also seeks to work collaboratively with partners to improve the investment climate for new investors and attract new firms and projects that can benefit the economy and communities of the CBRM.

The CBRM REN is funded by the Province of Nova Scotia through the Department of Economic Development and the Cape Breton Regional Municipality, with additional leveraged funds secured on a case-by-case basis through the efforts of the broader Cape Breton Partnership.

Strategy, Planning, & Reporting

CBRM’s Economic Development Vision and Mission

  • Economic Development Vision: The CBRM is a hub of economic opportunity and prosperity.
  • Economic Development Mission: Together, we are building community, growing economic opportunity, and fostering an environment where business and residents thrive.

Strategic Priorities

The strategic priorities of the CBRM REN are:

  • Economic Development Capacity
  • Leveraging Local Strengths
  • Economic Opportunity Through Population Growth
  • Strategic Partnerships; and
  • Optimizing Regional Projects

CBRM Forward Economic Development Strategy

The CBRM Forward Economic Development Strategy outlines how the CBRM, CBRM REN, and other partners will focus their efforts to achieve the Economic Development Mission of the CBRM.

CBRM REN Business Plan

The CBRM REN regularly develops and updates its annual Business Plan to guide its activities and deliverables throughout the year.

CBRM REN Reporting

The CBRM REN regularly reports back to the Board and Liaison and Oversight Committee (LOC) on its activities and outcomes throughout the year.

Governance and Oversight


The CBRM REN is governed by a board of directors, which represents the regional business community, develops the strategic plan, and plays a pivotal governance role for the regular activities of the CBRM REN. The board normally meets four times per year. The CBRM REN Board Members include:

  • Tracey Boutilier, Vibe Creative Group (Chair)
  • Brad Jacobs, Colbourne Auto Group
  • Shaowei Xu, SW East International Trading & Consulting
  • Howie Doiron, Lindsay Construction
  • Darrell Gallant, Marine Atlantic
  • Ron Blinkhorn, Casino Nova Scotia – Sydney
  • Nicole Morrison, Two Men and a Truck

CBRM REN Liaison and Oversight Committee

The CBRM REN Liaison and Oversight Committee (LOC), representing CBRM and the Province of Nova Scotia, approves the CBRM REN strategic plan and provides oversight of Regional Enterprise Network program activities, accountability, and communication. It is mandated to meet twice per year, in accordance with the Contribution Agreement and Municipal Agreement. The LOC includes:

  • 2 CBRM Council Representatives
  • 2 CBRM Staff Representatives
  • 2 Province of Nova Scotia Representatives

Key Delivery Areas of Nova Scotia’s Regional Enterprise Networks

The Province of Nova Scotia, through the Department of Economic Development, aligns government efforts behind a common agenda to support the conditions for a thriving economy where all Nova Scotians can participate and benefit.

Foundational to the delivery of the mandate is an action orientation for identifying and implementing programs, engaging with businesses, and outcomes focusing on: regional approaches, sustainable prosperity, connecting Nova Scotians, innovation-driven approaches and effective business supports and investments.

The department works with the CBRM REN, and all Regional Enterprise Networks, to facilitate common understanding and alignment on these priorities, enhance relationships with the portfolio of Crown Corporations and leverage the comparative advantages in regions across the province.

Key Delivery Areas

  • Strategic Sectors: Growing strategic sectors of our economy.
  • Increase Productivity: Work with all sectors to become more productive and prosperous.
  • Drive Innovation: Support investment in innovation and entrepreneurship.