The Cape Breton Partnership unites businesses and communities across Cape Breton to drive the economy forward. The Partnership is a proud product of the private sector and an agent of positive change for Cape Breton and the people that live and work here.


With the guidance and support from several prominent business leaders, Chambers of Commerce, economic development agencies, government, and consultants, the Cape Breton Partnership moved from concept to development in September 2004. The Cape Breton Partnership was built following a best practice model of other similar private sector based partnership organization’s that existed across North America.  To further enhance the cooperation and collaboration on the island, the Partnership signed a Memorandum of Understanding with the three local Chambers of Commerce in Cape Breton and JCI Cape Breton.

The Cape Breton Partnership believes that the island’s economy is moving in the right direction and that it is possible to build on that success by harnessing the support of local leaders, business owners, entrepreneurs, educators, and community stakeholders. In order to foster a community of success, the Partnership believes in delivering a message of progress, opportunity, and growth to prospective investors and business owners.

Since its inception, the Cape Breton Partnership has made remarkable progress in building a solid foundation for growth and positive change. Over one hundred and fifty investors have committed to investing in Cape Breton’s future economic growth. Private sector support and collaboration remains a top priority for the Partnership and continues to be a driving force behind changing our local attitudes and transition the economy into a new era of prosperity.


The Cape Breton Partnership will increase economic prosperity throughout the region through private sector leadership.

Strategic Goals

The Cape Breton Partnership aims to instill ownership, confidence, and pride to enhance prosperity in Cape Breton and Mulgrave. Our activities focus on advancing the following strategic goals:

  • Promote Cape Breton as an excellent place to do business
  • Identify and advance economic opportunities that create new opportunities for growth
  • Recognize and address economic challenges impacting business retention and expansion
  • Build a dynamic business led organization that fosters private and public partnerships