Welcome to Cape Breton: Featuring Dena MacKinnon, Mildred Lynn McDonald, Bill Murphy, and Kit & Indigo ChristNovember 24, 2023

Hosted by Norma Jean MacPhee Zinck

It’s road trip time in Episode Four! Join host Norma Jean MacPhee Zinck as she hits the road with Jessica Fogarty, coordinator of the Cape Breton Welcome Network. This is part one of a two-part series where Jessica and Norma Jean meet others involved with the Welcome Network and with some new people now calling Unama’ki home. Discover how the land nourishes a community and how communities are welcoming new folks. You’ll hear from Dena MacKinnon, Mildred Lynn McDonald, Bill Murphy in Judique and Kit and Indigo Christ in Mull River. Oh and yes, you guessed it, a ceilidh breaks out along the way! First stop – Judique.

Welcome to Cape Breton is an evocative podcast of change, arrival, discovery and home. It examines the timeless notion – what is home? How do we define the oftentimes moving target known as home?

Your host Norma Jean MacPhee Zinck guides you on these adventures and discoveries. With 20 years as a journalist, her passion for Cape Breton – Unama’ki fuels this captivating podcast series.

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