In 2018, the Cape Breton Partnership undertook two research studies regarding women in entrepreneurship in Cape Breton and the barriers to success they face. One study looked at the female population at large in Cape Breton – Unama’ki, and one focused specifically on Indigenous female entrepreneurs in Cape Breton – Unama’ki.

In partnership with Status of Women Canada and the Province of Nova Scotia, extensive research was conducted across the island, culminating in the two reports, Barriers to Indigenous Female Entrepreneurs in Cape Breton – Unama’ki & Enhancing Entrepreneurial Supports for Women Living and Working in Cape Breton.

The culture of female entrepreneurship in Cape Breton has renewed life and mobilization. There is demand from this subsection of the population to be seen and heard and our hope is that these research studies will support changes that will reduce or remove barriers to improve the entrepreneurship experience for females on Cape Breton – Unama’ki.