Parkland, Cape Breton

Tucked into one of Nova Scotia’s largest cities, Parkland Cape Breton boasts one of the most incredible backdrops Canada has to offer. Enjoy your retirement years in Sydney, with amenities and entertainment right at your doorstep with breathtaking vistas of Cape Breton Highlands just a short drive away.

The spirit and beauty of the highlands is reflected at Parkland Cape Breton. Offering three distinct service levels for retirement living and continuing care all on one campus, Parkland Cape Breton is designed to meet a variety of needs.

Service lines offered:

  • Hospitality & Wellness
  • Assisted Living
  • Early Memory Care

The campus includes 56 Hospitality and Wellness suites for those who want an active lifestyle without the bother of daily chores like housekeeping, linen service and meal preparation, as well as 43 suites for Assisted Living and Early Memory Care, which are ideal for people who prefer to have support with daily living activities.


118 Kenwood Drive
Sydney, Nova Scotia
B1S 0H2