New Dawn Enterprises

New Dawn Enterprises Limited is a private, and volunteer directed business dedicated to community building. New Dawn seeks to identify community needs and to establish and operate ventures that speak to those needs. New Dawn is the oldest Community Development Corporation in Canada and is a Founding Member of the Canadian CED (Community Economic Development) Network. Their mission is to engage the community to create a culture of self-reliance, which is as relevant today as it was when the organization was founded back in 1976.

New Dawn attempts to demonstrate what can be accomplished when local people come together and utilize the best planning, business and organizational principles in responding to community needs. New Dawn is therefore both a business and a social development organization. From the beginning, New Dawn’s initiatives reflected that dual approach by providing much needed services in a business-like way. Early examples of this dual approach are: the establishment of dental clinics in Cape Breton, the Cape Breton School of Crafts, half-way houses and a variety of housing projects.

New Dawn has been part of the Cape Breton landscape for over four decades, they now employ over 175 people from the Cape Breton community, and they service 600 Cape Bretoners each day through their companies and projects.


106 Townsend Street, PO Box 1055
Sydney, Nova Scotia
B1P 5E1

Contact Information
(902) 539-9560
(902) 539-7210