Cape Breton Partnership kicks off business advisory seriesFebruary 3, 2020

Small business owners are required to wear a lot of different hats, and there is often a steep learning curve when starting or expanding a business. In an effort to assist Cape Breton – Unama’ki’s small business owners, the Cape Breton Partnership will be offering business advisory sessions on a variety of topics throughout 2020 across the island. The first session on the Basics of Business Accounting took place January 26 in Sydney.

Fifteen small business owners from the Cape Breton Regional Municipality attended the session, free of charge. The participants are clients of the Cape Breton Partnership’s Business Planning Advisor, Shannon McNeil. In this role, Shannon provides one-on-one advice and guidance on preparing business plans.

“A resounding theme I have heard from clients is the need for information on accounting basics,” says Shannon McNeil. “Accounting can be a complicated subject, so sessions like this are very beneficial to small business owners. We look forward to hosting more sessions in the future to ensure the needs of our Business Advisory Service clients are met.”

Facilitated by Rob Wadden, CPA, CA of Grant Thornton Sydney, the session educated attendees on many aspects of business accounting. The topics ranged from different types of business structures, preparing income taxes for small businesses, the business registration process, best practices of business accounting, and improving a business’ bottom line. In addition, the session provided information regarding further resources and local training programs for Cape Breton business owners.

“The accounting session delivered by the Cape Breton Partnership was extremely beneficial and informative – I learned a lot,” says Cassie Gilmour, owner of Gille Moire Photography. “The Grant Thornton facilitator was very knowledgeable and helpful, and the topics during the session were extremely relevant and well covered. The session was very interactive, and it was interesting to engage in the conversation.”

The next session of the business advisory series will cover the Basics of Business Accounting in March in Port Hawkesbury. In future, the Cape Breton Partnership will tailor to the needs of clients to inform upcoming session themes.  If you’re interested in attending the next session, email .


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