With each edition of Elevate, readers from near and far are able to see that Cape Breton is truly open for business, while also showcasing the unique and highly-sought after lifestyle built by the spirited people that live in the communities across the island.

February 28, 2017


Sharing Our Succcess Stories from Across Cape Breton Elevate magazine was launched with the objective of broadening and enhancing perceptions of Cape Breton’s business community and social-economic characteristics. The magazine aims to provide insight into the diverse people, enterprises, ideas, and happenings that illustrate the progressive, changing nature of our communities across Cape Breton and Mulgrave. The type and degree of economic diversification that’s occurring within our region and the change in attitudes are giving rise to new confidence in the future. Each new edition of the magazine provides examples of how the narrative is changing in respect of Cape… Read more >
February 27, 2017


Cape Breton Island Building & Construction Trades Council strengthens the economy, builds skills, and gives back to the community By Erin Elaine Casey The Cape Breton Island Building & Construction Trades Council might be the biggest local organization you’ve never heard of. But many Cape Breton residents have felt the positive effects of their efforts. Just last fall, carpenters responded to the Thanksgiving Day flood by holding a barbeque to raise money for Brookland School, which sustained devastating damage. The union doubled the money raised at the event and bought school supplies for the displaced students. And the Trade Council’s… Read more >
February 20, 2017


Nova Scotia Works expands services throughout the region By David Pretty Back in November of 2015, the Nova Scotia government began working with local service providers to bring sweeping changes to the province’s $23-million employment services system. Eleven months later, Nova Scotia Works was launched to provide better accessibility and innovative resources for job seekers, youth, and business owners alike. This new re-implementation provides many new resources including additional front line staff, more  focused career counselling for young people, helping businesses overcome staffing challenges, increasing accessibility for job seekers with specialized challenges and promotes long-term professional development. And while the… Read more >
February 13, 2017


NuStar Energy’s Guiding Principals Contributed by the Cape Breton Partnership NuStar Energy, like any business, works to increase success in their operations and continued growth to provide strong return for their investors. Every day NuStar puts their employees and their communities at the very top of their priority list. Proudly displayed as the first message on the homepage of the company’s website; “We are in the business of caring for our employees, our customers, our investors and our communities.” The multinational company is guided by its mission to further develop its number one asset, their employees. For NuStar, a vital… Read more >
February 5, 2017


Marcato Goes Global Contributed by the Cape Breton Partnership The key to creating a successful product or business is to first identify a problem or gap within a particular industry, and then by using resources at your disposal and adding a little creativity, you can develop an innovative solution. The most important part of any entrepreneur’s problem solving process is ensuring their solution is both accessible to potential customers and profitable. Marcato co-founders Darren Gallop and Morgan Currie have accomplished just that. They successfully established their company becoming world-class leaders within their niche market, the event management industry. Marcato Digital… Read more >