Cape Breton Partnership and Net Zero Atlantic Launch Offshore Wind Community Engagement SurveyMay 30, 2023

Cape Breton Island, NSThe Cape Breton Partnership, in collaboration with Net Zero Atlantic, has launched an Offshore Wind Community Engagement Survey to gather insight from residents of Unama’ki – Cape Breton. 

Offshore wind development has the potential to provide clean electricity, meaningful employment, and economic growth while helping to reduce the impacts of climate change. In the past year there has been unprecedented interest in the potential for offshore wind in Unama’ki – Cape Breton and across Nova Scotia, as the region has been recognized as having a world-class wind resource and as a potential hub for offshore wind development.

The Government of Nova Scotia has set a target to offer leases for 5 gigawatts (GW) of offshore wind energy by 2030. As federal and provincial governments establish the regulatory framework for this anticipated new source of clean energy for Nova Scotia, the Cape Breton Partnership and Net Zero Atlantic are seeking feedback from local communities, rights-holders, and stakeholders ahead of any future development. 

“The Cape Breton Partnership wants the economic, cultural, social, and environmental values of Unama’ki – Cape Breton to be reflected in any future proposed development,” said Tyler Mattheis, President & CEO of the Cape Breton Partnership. “The community feedback we receive through this survey will help to inform future engagement strategies and encourage sustainable and equitable development that can provide positive growth in communities across Unama’ki – Cape Breton.”

“Net Zero Atlantic is co-creating and delivering community-tailored information to help Cape Breton communities prepare for a future that may include offshore wind,” said Sven Scholtysik, Research Manager, Net Zero Atlantic. “This survey will provide insights that will help us better serve the communities we are collaborating with through the Capacity Building for the Sustainable and Inclusive Development of Nova Scotia’s Offshore Wind Resource project launched in Port Hawkesbury earlier this year.”

The survey is open to all residents and business-owners of Unama’ki – Cape Breton. It focuses on past participation in engagement, future engagement needs, and other relevant factors in related to the impacts of future offshore wind development. The results of the survey will be used to inform future community engagement strategies that will reflect all voices in Unama’ki – Cape Breton in anticipation of future offshore wind development.  

The survey is available online now until mid-summer at and takes approximately 5-10 minutes to complete.


Media Contact:
Jeremy Martell, Director of Communications
Cape Breton Partnership

About the Cape Breton Partnership:
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About Net Zero Atlantic: Net Zero Atlantic seeks to advance the goal of a sustainable and inclusive transition to a carbon-neutral future in Atlantic Canada. We produce credible and objective data to inform sound policies and decisions related to critical topics currently including, but not limited to, hydrogen, offshore wind, geothermal energy, and energy system modeling. We carry out our work in collaboration with academia, governments, private sector, Indigenous Peoples and other non-government organizations. Learn more about Net Zero Atlantic at