March 27, 2018

Originally posted and published by Chris Shannon of the Cape Breton Post.

The Municipality of Richmond County and the Cape Breton Regional Enterprise Network, which is administered by the Cape Breton Partnership, assisted in promoting to Burton and Wilkie the benefits of setting up shop in the municipality.

Jeff Stanley, Richmond County economic development officer for the enterprise network, said the mother and son team had been looking at various properties in the Truro area, Halifax and in Cape Breton.

Three sites in Richmond County were pitched to Burton in a presentation by the Cape Breton Partnership in August.

Burton already had an affinity with Cape Breton as he travels with his girlfriend to visit her family in Sydney several times a year and Wilkie, a lawyer herself, had worked with engineers on the Sydney Tar Ponds cleanup.

He noted taking his business venture on a “municipal roadshow” was always about finding a community that would be looking to “champion” the project.

“We basically spoke to this business as an opportunity for investment in business attraction,” Stanley said. “We tried to show these folks that we wanted them here and that there was some value in them being here.”

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