Community Economic Impact Studies: Centre 200 Arena and Cape Breton Eagles Hockey Club

Sport is an important part of the culture and the community spirit of the Cape Breton Regional Municipality – the Cape Breton Partnership is seeking to better understand the economic impact that a junior hockey team and Nova Scotia’s second-largest arena has on our community. 

RFP Summary

This RFP is seeking individuals with experience in the quantitative analysis of the economic impact of sporting events, sports teams, and sporting venues to assist the Cape Breton Partnership, the Cape Breton Eagles Hockey Club, and the Centre 200 arena in determining the economic impact of the hockey team and the arena on the Cape Breton Regional Municipality.

You will be responsible for conducting two concurrent studies – one on the hockey team and the other on the arena – to analyze the economic impact of these entities and the events they host. 

You will work with the Cape Breton Partnership’s project manager to explore the economic impact of the Eagles’ 34 home games and the other major events hosted at the arena, by connecting with community organizations, local businesses, and key stakeholders. 

We invite qualified consultants to read the Request for Proposal document linked below and to submit their proposal, or reach out to the Project Manager before the submission deadline to learn more about this study. 

Submission Deadline

RFP submissions are to be submitted to the Project Manager no later than 4:00pm (Atlantic Time) on April 26, 2024. 

For More Information

For more information or questions, please contact the Project Manager:

Tyler Cole, Economic Development Officer
Cape Breton Partnership
(902) 565-9761