May 8, 2019



The Cape Breton Partnership is seeking a consultant to lead the coordination of stakeholder engagement, undertake primary and secondary research, and compile the findings into a draft document of what will become Cape Breton-Unama’ki’s new economic and population growth plan. This plan will build upon the work that has been done across the island and the province over the past number of years to help create a more robust and resilient economy in Cape Breton-Unama’ki based upon collaboration, economic diversification, inclusive innovation-driven entrepreneurship, and talent attraction and retention. The new plan will further coordinate stakeholders and partners and provide a framework for working together towards the common goal of a thriving and prosperous Cape Breton-Unama’ki.

About the Cape Breton Partnership

The Cape Breton Partnership brings together people who believe in the power of working together to increase economic opportunities and aims to transform Cape Breton • Unama’ki into the most creative and prosperous place on earth.

We support companies and entrepreneurs through our projects and initiatives by promoting our island as a great place to live and invest; growing a culture that values and celebrates creativity, innovation, entrepreneurship; and connecting entrepreneurs and companies to the resources they need to succeed.

The Cape Breton Partnership has over 150 investors committed to investing in Cape Breton’s future economic growth. Private sector support and collaboration remains a top priority for the Partnership and continues to be a driving force behind changing our local attitudes and transitioning the
economy into a new era of prosperity. This project, along with many other ongoing stimulus projects, will create the new economy of Cape Breton.


To receive the full RFP or for more information, contact:
Carla Arsenault
President & CEO
Cape Breton Partnership
(902) 562-0122

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