Richmond County

Incorporated in 1879, the Municipality of the County of Richmond is home to many coastal communities that offer a traditional maritime lifestyle and it is also the gateway to the Bras d’Or Lake.


Richmond County is located on the south-eastern side of Cape Breton Island adjacent to the Strait of Canso, which links the island to rest of Nova Scotia.


With a population of 8,964, the average age of residents in Richmond County is 46. The county is home to 574 businesses that include a range of home-based and small business operations. The labour force is comprised of approximately 4,300 people.


Richmond County’s economic strength is in the agriculture, fishing, and manufacturing sectors.

Richmond County is proud to be home to heavy industry in its Point Tupper Industrial Park, which is situated near the town of Port Hawkesbury and is located on the Strait of Canso, which is one of the world’s deepest, ice-free, and dredge-free harbours. Port Hawkesbury Paper LP has been operating in the county for over 50 years and has contributed to the economic success of the region.

The fishing industry in Richmond County is concentrated on the south-east shore of Cape Breton Island and is home to a significant cluster of small and medium size companies. The fishing sector is supported by a robust entrepreneurial business community and a value-added supply chain of local fish processing companies such as Premium Seafoods Group, Lobsters ‘R’ Us, and Clearwater Seafoods.