Cape Breton Regulatory Modernization Pilot

The Cape Breton Regulatory Modernization Pilot is a partnership between the Office of Regulatory Affairs and Service Effectiveness; the Cape Breton Regional Municipality; the Town of Port Hawkesbury; and the Counties of Inverness, Richmond, and Victoria. The mandate is simple: to make operation and expansion of business easier on Cape Breton Island.

Last summer, with the help of the Cape Breton Partnership and local chambers of commerce, the Office held six stakeholder engagement sessions across the Island to ensure the pilot workplan was centered in the needs of local businesses. The Canadian Federation of Independent Business (CFIB) partnered in some of these engagement sessions.

One of the issues Cape Breton businesses raised was the difficulty finding municipal by-laws online, and if they could be found, the uncertainty that the inventory was complete and up to date.

With financial support from the Department of Municipal Affairs and Housing and with the help of the Cape Breton Partnership, consultants were hired to do a high-level review of all by-laws in each Cape Breton municipality and create customized action plans that municipal councils could implement to modernize their regulatory regime.

Businesses across Cape Breton can now quickly and easily access the most up-to-date municipal By-laws online.