Seafood & Aquaculture

There are 63 species landed in Cape Breton by the commercial fishery and the top three species are snow crab, lobster, and shrimp, which account for 88% of the volume and 95% of the landed value. There are 120 aquaculture sites in Cape Breton, of which 110 are shellfish operations. There are five marine-based finfish operations, two land-based finfish operations, and three hatcheries. There are at least 11 active processing facilities in Cape Breton and these facilities are on average larger than others in Nova Scotia and they process a significantly large share of product volume and value.

The estimated total value of Cape Breton Seafood exports is about $342 million. Cape Breton seafood exports represent 6.2% of all industries exports from Nova Scotia, meaning 1 out of every 16 dollars brought into the province from international markets is the result of Cape Breton seafood operations.

More details about the Seafood and Aquaculture Sector Team to come.