The Red Shoe Pub

The Red Shoe Pub has become a kind of ‘home away from home’ for many locals and visitors over the years. They have created a cozy spot in the hamlet of Mabou, on the west coast of Cape Breton, which offers a delicious menu of Nova Scotia home cooking with a side order of live traditional music, 7 days a week.

Johnny Gillis of North East Mabou, came up with the name ‘Red Shoe’ as a tribute to Cape Breton fiddler Dan R. MacDonald. After doing some research, former pub owner Rob Willson realized just how much Dan R. had contributed to the music and culture and decided it would be an appropriate name for the pub.

World-renowned singers Heather, Cookie & Raylene Rankin along with their eldest sister Genevieve Fakoory, purchased the Red Shoe Pub in 2004 and opened its doors in 2005. Born and raised in the community of Mabou, the Rankin Sisters wanted to create something that gave back to their community. The Shoe currently employs more thasn 37 people and is one of the top tourism destination spots in Nova Scotia.


11573 Route 19, Box 94

Mabou, Nova Scotia

B0E 1X0

Contact Information
(902) 945-2326
(902) 945-2552