Canmac Economics Ltd.

Canmac Economics Ltd. is one of Atlantic Canada’s largest economic consulting firms. The firm is currently located in Halifax Metropolitan Region and Sydney, Nova Scotia. Since their founding over 25 years ago, Canmac Economics has:

  • Conducted hundreds of economic forecasting and consulting projects;
  • Conducted over 1/2 billion dollars worth of government evaluations and impact projects;
  • Developed and implemented advanced economic models – input/output, econometric for provinces, regions and nation.

Canmac Economics Ltd. is organized around one concept – to provide economic decision support systems for businesses and government economists, money managers, and senior management. The Canmac Philosophy is based on the belief that a quantitative approach to business and government decision problems represents the most fruitful and cost effective avenue to decision making.



495 Sackville Drive
Lower Sackville, N.S.
B4C 2S1

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