Invest in Cape Breton Website – Request for Proposals


The Cape Breton Partnership is Cape Breton’s private sector led economic development organization that brings together the considerable knowledge, skill, and experience of Cape Breton business and community leaders to build a vision for growth and prosperity.

The Cape Breton Partnership was formed with the idea of uniting businesses and communities across Cape Breton to drive the economy forward. In September 2004 the idea moved from concept to development with the input of several prominent business leaders, chambers of commerce, economic development agencies, government, and consultants. The Cape Breton Partnership is a proud product of the private sector and an agent of positive change in Cape Breton. The Partnership has created an effective forum for private and public sector investors to come together with the common goal of:

Forging partnerships – Capitalizing on opportunities – Building a stronger Cape Breton.

The Partnership believes that Cape Breton’s economy is moving forward and that we can build on the area’s success by harnessing the support of Cape Breton business leaders in delivering a message of progress and opportunity to prospective investors.

The Partnership has over 150 members that have committed to invest in Cape Breton’s future economic growth. Cape Breton’s continued economic diversification is demonstrated by its current investors whom represent a wide cross section of industry sectors, such as tourism, transportation, retail and service, energy, arts and culture, fisheries, forestry, manufacturing, communications, and health.

The Partnership’s Investors include key stakeholders such as: Nova Scotia Community College, Cape Breton University, building and construction trades, First Nations communities, municipal units, and Cape Breton’s chambers of commerce. With such a broad base of support the Partnership is well positioned to move forward with the implementation of the Prosperity Framework, Cape Breton’s economic development strategy.


The Cape Breton Partnership currently uses the website as Cape Breton’s investment attraction website. While this website has good content, and was a helpful resource in the past, it is in need of a refresh.

The website needs to be updated with new branding/content while continuing to demonstrate what makes Cape Breton Island unique and appealing to potential investors: its people, environment, relationships, framework, and teachings. The development of new investment readiness materials, such as a refreshed investment website and an investment attraction video, will significantly enhance business attraction and retention efforts in the region, be utilized by key stakeholders, and be accessed by potential investors. The re-designed website will be fresh, up-to-date, and easy to use.

The website is still live but much of the materials available on the site are dated and the site no longer has a strong brand or relevance in the marketplace. With our new refreshed Prosperity Framework and the collaboration of our municipal partners, there is no better time to refresh our web site and move our foreign direct investment strategies forward. In order to accomplish this we need to have a strong web presence that is accurate and targeted at the right markets. Our investment attraction efforts need to be better aligned with our target markets and we need to promote our new website to the world.

The proposed project will improve potential investors’ ability to access the economic and regional data required when making investment decisions. It will reduce the level of risk to potential investors as they will have up-to-date information to guide their decisions. Having the required data readily available and online will allow for easy follow up with foreign investors and reduce turnaround time on requests for information.

For the second part of the project, a video (similar to the one created by the Halifax Partnership seen here: HTTP://WWW.SELLHALIFAXTOOLKIT.COM/) will be created for Cape Breton Island. This video will be used as a further tool when demonstrating Cape Breton’s marketability to potential investors and attract business, talent, and investment to the Island.

Cape Breton companies have world class products and services and work is being undertaken to increase exports and attract investment. The Investment Attraction website and materials highlight service offerings in Environmental Remediation, ICT, Agri-food, Life Science, Ocean Technology, Renewable Energy, and Tourism. Trade initiatives, conferences, and presentations have been undertaken in Europe, South East Asia, South America, and the United States. These events have promoted Cape Breton’s tourism industry, Environmental Remediation firms, Life Science products, Fishery, Agri-food products, Ocean Technologies, and Education services to the world. The new website and video will aid in effectively sharing the stories of the island’s assets in a dynamic, interactive, and engaging way.


The Invest in Cape Breton website ( will be presented in a more visually attractive format that will clearly portray vital up-to-date information to potential investors. It will demonstrate local and regional economic development and display Cape Breton’s community assets, improve overall investment readiness, and help respond efficiently and quickly to investment inquiries. This web site refresh will display a modern website with up-to-date information targeted to potential investors. The Cape Breton Partnership will work with a web development firm on the revision and re-branding of The re-design of the website will:

  1. Look to improve the user experience and simplify the ease of access to information;
  2. Allow Partnership staff to edit, add, and update content themselves;
  3. Include some existing content from the current website and some new content – Partnership staff is assumed to provide/generate the content;
  4. Include internally-sourced and purchased graphics; and
  5. Simplify site content to reduce the total number of pages and sections.


The Invest in Cape Breton video should:

  1. Be of professional quality;
  2. Be housed on the Invest in Cape Breton website;
  3. Be no longer than 2 minutes in length;
  4. Showcase Cape Breton as a top choice for investors.


Upon written approval to proceed, the firm shall:

  • Complete the project by November 30, 2018;
  • Work closely with the communications team at the Cape Breton Partnership throughout the project, hosting a start-up meeting, design review meeting, and product presentation meeting;
  • Provide monthly electronic reports to the Team Lead on the progress of the project; and
  • Provide training on updating and management of the website for the communications team, as well as provide support documentation for future use.


Proposal submissions must include, at minimum, all of the following information:

  • The corporate name and company profile of the submission proponent;
  • A statement of the firm’s understanding of the scope of the project;
  • A description of the project plan to be followed to meet the project’s objectives;
  • A detailed profile of the experience and expertise of the submission proponent;
  • A description of each member of the proponent’s project team, including a description of their experience and examples of past work;
  • A schedule of (DAILY) fees and expenses setting out rates of remuneration for team members and an estimate of time each member will devote to the project;
  • A project timeline and reporting schedule;
  • A detailed breakdown of maximum project costs, including all expenses, licensing fees, potential webhosting, ongoing maintenance fees, and applicable taxes;
  • Portfolio examples and references for 3 relevant projects for which the proponent has been the lead, as well as detailed descriptions of experience on projects based in Cape Breton;
  • A Gantt chart depicting each team member and their associated level of effort for each key deliverable (i.e., breakdown of junior/senior personnel and how many days each would work at each phase of the project by key deliverable); and
  • Identification of team members based in Cape Breton.

Proposal submissions may be submitted in hard copy paper format, but must include a digital submission in pdf format. All included images must be of high resolution quality.


The proposals will be reviewed by the Cape Breton Partnership communications team. A scoring system will be used in accordance with the proposal components listed above. The proposal with the lowest bid will not necessarily be selected. The Cape Breton Partnership retains the right to accept or reject any or all of the proposals received.


Submissions and/or inquiries should be sent by mail or email, by May 11, 2018 to the attention of:
Carla Arsenault
Chief Operating Officer
Cape Breton Partnership
285 Alexandra Street
Sydney, NS   B1S 2E8
(902) 562-0122