Effective Grant-writing Workshop

Wed, Sep 15th, 2021 @ 01:00 pm
Presented By:
The Cape Breton Partnership

The Cape Breton Partnership invites you to join facilitator and President of Common Good Cape Breton Inc., Alyce Maclean for Effective Grant-Writing, a workshop in finding and writing grants.
Participants will learn the basics of effective grant-writing from looking for grant money to how to approach funders.

This event will be held in-person and is limited to 20 participants, with social distancing and public health measures in effect.

Alyce has a decade of experience in community development. She spent five years as the Chair of the Lumière Arts Festival, which involved regular, ongoing grant seeking and writing, as well as fundraising. Alyce also spent six years working for Cape Breton University, splitting her time between the Purdy Crawford Chair in Aboriginal Business Studies and Unama’ki College. These two roles involved regular fund-seeking activities related to business, events, program development, and academic research.


  • Where and how to look for grant money (general principles to grant seeking)
  • Foundational principles of online research; keywords, boolean operators
  • Relationship building with program officers
  • Networking with others in your field
  • How to use matching funds from different grant/levels of governments
  • Piecing together partners, sponsors, and how to know if your project is a good fit for a
    granting program
  • Using government mandates and research data to strengthen the proposal
  • How a budget should look and how to calculate things like in-kind hours from volunteer work,
  • How much money should I ask for?
  • Review of various approaches to in-kind contributions (volunteer time, goods, and
  • Balancing your budget
  • Reviewing a sample application
  • Formatting and how to approach templates
  • How to approach funders and understand the lingo used by funders/grants
  •  Being a good writer is literally valuable! Key phrases to include; being clear and
  • Common errors and how to rise above them


Pre-registration is mandatory, register now!