Export Conference

Tue, Sep 24th, 2019 @ 08:00 am
Presented By:
The Cape Breton Partnership
Holiday Inn - Sydney Waterfront

The Export Conference brings together export related government partners, current exporters, organizations, and companies thinking about exporting in one room to share their  experiences, knowledge, along with tools and resources needed to overcome the challenges that Cape Breton exporters face in growing their business.

Participants will learn from industry experts on the following topics during the conference: competitive intelligence for markets, getting ready for market, refining your sales elevator pitch and market entry.



5:00PM - 7:00PM

September 23rd | Networking

8:00AM - 8:30AM

Registration & Networking | Light Breakfast

8:30AM - 8:45AM


8:45AM - 10:45AM

Where Should Your Next Market Be? | Market Research and Market Identification

Dr. Jonathan Calof – Professor, International Business and Strategy, Telfer School of Management, University of Ottawa and Adjunct Professor at the University of New Brunswick

This is a relatable session for all businesses regardless of where you are in the export process. You could be thinking of export, be exporting for the first time, or an experienced exporter. During the session, practical information and best practice examples on undertaking competitive intelligence related to market research and identification will be shared which will help you ensure success in selling your product and/or service across Canada and/or in international markets.

10:45AM - 11:00AM

Nutrition & Networking Break

11:00AM - 12:00PM

Getting Ready for Market | What you need to know before you go - Logistics, Customs, Labeling, and Financing, etc.

Helen Graham – Instructor, School of Business, Nova Scotia Community College Marconi Campus

When getting ready for a market for the first time or expanding into a new one, you will always have questions related to logistics, paperwork, customs, labelling, etc. During this session, examples will reviewed with you for the purpose of solving some of the challenges associated with getting ready for the market. During this session input will be sought from service providers and experienced exporters.

12:00PM - 1:15PM

Luncheon Keynote | Pete Luckett – Entrepreneur & Media Personality, Owner of Luckett Vineyards

1:15PM - 1:30PM


Laurel Broten - President and CEO, Nova Scotia Business Inc.

1:30PM - 2:15PM

Getting Ready and Best Practices - Panel

2:15PM - 3:30PM

Market Entry | Entry on your own, distributors, trade shows/ trade missions, e-commerce, follow-up

Dr. Jonathan Calof – Professor, International Business and Strategy, Telfer School of Management, University of Ottawa and Adjunct Professor at the University of New Brunswick

Many of our businesses mentioned the need for assistance with market entry. Should they enter a market on your own, should they use a distributor, should they participate in trade shows/trade missions, or simply use e-commerce as a way to export. Depending on your type of business and the type of product and/or service you are looking to sell, your market entry strategies will vary. During this session, you will lean how to identify if a trade show or mission that would be best suited to your business, receive a run-down on what happens at a show/mission and how to get the most out of it, if it makes sense to have a distributor, what you should know about e-commerce as a sales tool and more importantly how to do follow-up, the very important part of ensuring you make that sale.

3:30PM - 3:45PM

Nutrition and Networking Break

3:45PM - 4:45PM

Your Elevator Sales Pitch

Bernice Williams - Dream Business Facilitator, Mashup Lab

The ability to sell a product or service in under three minutes using a good elevator pitch is an area where many of our businesses identified they require help. As part of the registration process for this event, you were requested to prepare an elevator pitch that you would use to sell your product or service to a perspective buyer. During this session, we will ask you to be ready to refine your pitch using the information provided during this session and the do’s and don’ts examples provided throughout the day.

4:45PM - 5:00PM



Pete Luckett | Luncheon Keynote

Entrepreneur & Media Personality | Luckett Vineyards

Pete is a born entrepreneur.

At age 14, he saw opportunity in the sights, sounds and flavours of England’s busy outdoor food markets. Part theatrical sideshow, part business-savvy–Pete saw a perfect niche for his gregarious personality and produce know how. He learned how to stand out in a crowd by offering excellent quality, unique products and a fun, exciting shopping experience. He knew everyone by name, treated them like good friends, and they never left his stall without knowing something new, trying something new, a full basket and a smile on their face.

Like all business adventurers, his early success encouraged him to push the boundaries and test the waters. He crossed the Atlantic in 1979, spending several years exploring culinary experiences. With a new global perspective he was ready to settle down and take Atlantic Canada by storm. He grew from a single retail outlet in New Brunswick in 1982, to one of Atlantic Canada’s best known and loved brands…Pete’s Frootique.

Pete launched in Nova Scotia in 1992. “Pete’s Fine Foods” is a multi-million dollar retail with locations in Halifax and Bedford, Nova Scotia. Whether it’s new business challenges, or displaying perfect produce, Pete keeps it fresh! The locations are open concept, with distinct destinations specializing in deli, produce, bakery, meats, fish and more.

Pete relentlessly markets his brand as a media personality, hitting multiple touch points, while always educating his public. For 14 years Pete appeared on the national television program, Midday, where he extolled the flavour and health virtues of exotic fruits and vegetables. His weekly newspaper column and books feature exciting recipes. His food adventure television series, The Food Hunter, aired internationally for 3 seasons and enticed consumers from the comfort of their armchairs.

In 2011 Pete launched Luckett Vineyards. Nestled in the hillsides of Nova Scotia’s enchanting Gaspereau Valley, the vineyard offers stunning views of the Minas Basin and Blomidon and is beautifully positioned to take advantage of a fertile terroir. Luckett Vineyards produces wines true to the maritime climate and showcase the local grape varietals that truly are worth phoning home about.

Inspired to build the Luckett Vineyard brand, Pete recently announced the sale of his grocery retail and wholesale business to Sobeys. According to Pete, “Customers can enjoy peace-of-mind knowing that Pete’s Fine Foods will continue to prosper and expand while offering that same extraordinary shopping experience. The ‘Frootique’ legacy will live on and prosper.” The move from a perishable business to a product that only grows better with age, Luckett Vineyards is Pete’s new calling. But he’ll always have a Tooodleeedooo!! for anyone that passes by!

Dr. Jonathan Calof

Professor, International Business and Strategy, Telfer School of Management, University of Ottawa and Adjunct Professor at the University of New Brunswick

Dr. Calof is recognized as one of the leaders in intelligence and foresight. A full professor of International Business and Strategy at the Telfer School of Management at the University of Ottawa and Adjunct Professor at the University of New Brunswick, Dr. Calof combines research and consulting in competitive intelligence, technical foresight and business analytics to help organizations develop key insights on their competitive environment.

Jonathan has given over 1000 speeches, seminars and keynote addresses around the world on intelligence, foresight and analytics and has helped several companies and government agencies around the world enhance their capabilities on these areas. In recognition of his contribution to making fact based decision making a reality, Jonathan has been given several honours including Frost and Sullivan's life time achievement award in competitive intelligence; Fellow award from the Society of Competitive Intelligence Professionals; Honorary Professor at Yunnan Normal University in China; Appointment to the international advisory board for the Russian Foresight Committee of HSE; Honorary member of the Russian Society of Competitive Intelligence Professional; Board of advisors for the Centre en Intelligence Economique et Management Stratégique(CIE'MS/Center for Competitive Intelligence and Strategic Management in Morocco and Extraordinary Professor at North-West University in South Africa. He was also recently awarded SCIP's member of the year award for his influence on the practice and the field of competitive intelligence.

Interest in his work has also resulted in several interviews on radio and in print around the world and has been featured in national publications as Forbes, Business Week, CIO Magazine, Financial Times, The National Post, Globe and Mail, Canadian Business, and others.
BR> He is a prolific author with over 150 publications to his credit. As well, Jonathan is the author and co-editor of several books on competitive intelligence including co-editor of the Competitive Intelligence Foundation's Conference and Trade Show Intelligence book. He also pens a column on event intelligence for Competitive Intelligence Magazine and is executive editor for Frontline Safety and Security. In addition to his involvement in the consulting and academic world, Dr. Calof is also a director with RoboCoder, a Canadian software company and Success Nexus, a Malaysian biofuel company. Recently Dr. Calof released the results of a global study looking at lessons learned from the largest corporate failure in Canadian corporate history. The study results have led to new tools and skills for boards of directors, measurements for organizational resiliency and understanding of how the black cloud of customer doubt begins how it can be measured and managed. He is also in the middle of a study looking at competitive intelligence practices around the world.

Helen Graham

Business Administration Instructor and International Program Manager - Nova Scotia Community College, Marconi Campus

Helen Graham is a Business Administration Instructor and International Program Manager, at Marconi Campus, Nova Scotia Community College. Helen has her own international consulting firm, Graham Global Management Services. She also teaches international business and marketing courses to MBA students at Cape Breton University. Helen has over 35 years experience in public relations, economic development and international business.
Helen Graham offers her clients innovative, practical advice and solutions for developing new market opportunities. She works with her clients to understand the complexities of exporting, evaluating opportunities and making well-researched decisions.
She has 22 years direct experience in international business, seven as a Sr. Trade Officer with Enterprise Cape Breton Corporation. She has led trade missions to the United States and Europe and worked one-on-one with over 100 companies (SMEs) to help them with all aspects of exporting, with particular emphasis on logistics and marketing. Helen has worked in a variety of sectors including: education, seafood, wood products, boat building, advanced manufacturing, craft and food products.
She is a Certified International Trade Professional (CITP) and holds a Bachelor of Public Relations Degree and a Masters of Business Administration (Marketing).

Bernice Williams

CEO & Founder - Intentional Connection and Lead Facilitator, Dream Business Program - Mashup Lab

Bernice Williams is the CEO and Founder of Intentional Connection, a coaching and consulting company. Bernice is also the Lead Facilitator for Mashup Lab and the Dream Business Program. Over the past year, Bernice has worked with hundreds of entrepreneurs providing them with resources to start or grow their business, as a lifetime entrepreneur she has always had a business on the side, but has been full time for the past 7 years. Bernice facilitates with both Mashup Lab and the Acadia Entrepreneurship Center fueling her passion to support entrepreneurs who are turning their ideas into businesses.
Using a combination of hospitality and adult education, Bernice works on a variety of community projects. During her time as manager of the Comfort Inn located in Bridgewater, her team and business was recognized nationally and internationally for its award-winning customer service. In 2011, she was recognized as Choice Hotels Women in Business Alliance International Woman of the year.
Bernice prides herself on being a community builder and plays an active role in the community, writing proposals and acting as project manager for large provincial, national and international events.