AIP Designated Employer Job Board

AIP Designated Employer Job Board

Atlantic Immigration Pilot (AIP) Program Job Board for Designated Employers

Please read carefully before applying to jobs posted below:

  1. Candidates applying must have a minimum of 1 year paid relevant work experience to be eligible for Permanent Residency (PR) under the AIP.
    • The work experience must be relevant to the job you are applying for.
  2. You CANNOT downgrade your qualifications under the AIP Program. Ex (NOC A to B – skill category downgrade)

    • For more information around National Occupational Classification (NOC) skill groups and job codes please visit: The NOC Matrix here.

    • International graduates from a Publicly-funded Institution in Atlantic Canada are EXEMPT from this requirement, given they have graduated within the past 12 months and meet the minimum requirements specified by the employer.
  3. Employers posting jobs on this board are Designated under the AIP Program for Nova Scotia. In the job posting they may disclose their name or remain anonymous; It is at the employer’s discretion to do so.

    • Respect the employer’s process: If the employer wished to remain anonymous, it is for a reason. Please do not try to find out who they are based on the location of employment or other hints that may be found in the job posting.
    • Trying to find out who the employer is in order to contact them directly outside of the instructions provided may result in disqualification.
  4. Employers will provide specific instructions on how to apply, and what information/qualifications they require in order for candidates to be considered.

    • Follow these instructions carefully, be sure to write in your cover letter how you meet the requirements and provide any information requested for the process.
  5. The Cape Breton Partnership is not involved in any way in the recruitment process.

    • Please do not contact the Cape Breton Partnership with inquiries about the employers, their recruitment processes or the status of your application.

Good Luck,
The Cape Breton Partnership

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For employers looking to become Designated under the AIP and utilize this job board – please go here.

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