Our Team

The Cape Breton Partnership team is comprised of professionals dedicated to the economic growth of Cape Breton.

Core Staff

Carla Arsenault President & Chief Executive Officer

T 902-562-6059

E carla@capebretonpartnership.com

Colleen Wheeliker Executive Assistant

T 902-562-7182

E colleen@capebretonpartnership.com

Blayr Billard Office Manager

T 902-562-0122

E blayr@capebretonpartnership.com

Stephanie MacLean Events & Marketing Coordinator

T 902-562-0122

E stephanie@capebretonpartnership.com


Patrick Austin Economic Development Officer – Victoria County

T Cell: 902-294-0126

E patrick@capebretonpartnership.com

Jeff Stanley Economic Development Officer – Richmond County


E jeff@capebretonpartnership.com

Jeremy Martell Communications & Meeting Coordinator

T (w) 902-226-3982

E jeremy@capebretonpartnership.com

Kalen Long Project Coordinator


E kalen@capebretonpartnership.com

Project Staff

Courtney Schmidt Export Intern

T (w) 902-562-0122

E export@capebretonpartnership.com

Omar Tag El-Din Program Lead, Atlantic Immigration Pilot

T (w) 902-562-0122

E omar@capebretonpartnership.com

Kailea Pedley Cape Breton Local Immigration Partnership Program Manager


E local.immigration@capebretonpartnership.com

Morgan Murray Innovation


E morgan@capebretonpartnership.com

Keith LeLievre Program Coordinator

T 902-562-0122

E klelievre@capebretonpartnership.com

Kaila Kelly Program Coordinator

T 902-562-0122

E kaila@capebretonpartnership.com

Ben MacNeil Investment Readiness Coordinator

T (w) 902-562-0122 / (c) 902-371-1675

E Ben@CapeBretonPartnership.ca