Our Team

The Cape Breton Partnership team is comprised of professionals dedicated to the economic growth of Cape Breton.

Core Staff

Tyler Mattheis Acting President & Chief Executive Officer

T 902-562-0122

E Tyler@capebretonpartnership.com

Colleen Wheeliker Executive Assistant

T 902-562-7182

E colleen@capebretonpartnership.com

Blayr Billard Director of Finance and Administration

T 902-562-0122

E blayr@capebretonpartnership.com

Ashton Bishop Bookkeeper/Administration

T 902-562-0122

E ashton@capebretonpartnership.com

Kate Collinet Digital Marketing Specialist

T 902-562-0122

E kate@capebretonpartnership.com

REN Staff

Jeremy Martell Director of Communications

T 902-562-0122

E Jeremy@capebretonpartnership.com

Erica Holgate Economic Development Officer, Victoria County

T 902-562-0122

E Erica@Capebretonpartnership.com

Kelly MacKinnon Labour Market & Immigration Advisor

T 902-562-0122

E Kelly@capebretonpartnership.com

Tyler Mattheis Director of Economic Development

T 902-562-0122

E tyler@capebretonpartnership.com

Business Planning Advisor Business Planning Advisor

T 902-562-0122

E info@capebretonpartnership.com

Mickey Freeman Business Development Officer


E mickey@capebretonpartnership.com

Lynne MacLennan Economic Development Officer, Inverness County

T 902-787-2901

E lynne@capebretonpartnership.com

Megan Watt Economic Development Officer – Richmond County & Town of Port Hawkesbury

T 902-777-7739

E mwatt@capebretonpartnership.com

Carly Appleton Communications Coordinator


E carly@capebretonpartnership.com

Project Staff

Jenna Lahey Inclusive Innovation Officer

T 902-562-0122

E jenna@capebretonpartnership.com

Lan Zheng Business Growth Advisor

T 902-562-0122

E export@capebretonpartnership.com

Norma Jean MacPhee Cape Breton Welcome Network Coordinator

T 902-562-0122

E normajean@capebretonpartnership.com

Jessica MacDonald Human Resources Advisor

T 902-562-0122

E jessica@capebretonpartnership.com

Ayha El-Darahali Cape Breton Connector Program Coordinator

T 902-562-0122

E connector@capebretonpartnership.com

Kailea Pedley Cape Breton Local Immigration Partnership Program Manager

T 902-258-7331

E local.immigration@capebretonpartnership.com