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The Cape Breton Partnership was formed in 2004 with an aim of instilling ownership, confidence and pride to enhance prosperity in Cape Breton and the Strait Region. Its strategic goals are to:


  • Create and promote a unique brand;
  • Develop a united approach to addressing economic issues and growth opportunities;
  • Encourage the retention and expansion of existing companies by identifying barriers and finding ways to remove them; and
  • Create a dynamic organization that will foster private and public partnerships.


To date, the Partnership has more than 150 Investors from the public and private sectors.

The idea of a formal partnership has been under consideration in Cape Breton for some time. In September, 2004 the idea moved from concept to the development stage with the input of several prominent business leaders, Chambers of Commerce, economic development agencies, government and consultants. A decision was made to create a formal partnership employing the best practices of similar partnership models. The Cape Breton Partnership believes that the Island's economy is headed in the right direction and that we can build on this success by harnessing the support of Cape Breton business leaders in delivering a message of progress and opportunity to prospective investors.

Since its inception, the Cape Breton Partnership has made remarkable progress in building a solid foundation for growth. Private sector support is extremely high and a number of key individuals and organizations, both on and off Island, have already supported the establishment of this partnership.


The Partnership has formed formal partnerships with the three Chambers of Commerce in Cape Breton: the Sydney and Area Chamber of Commerce, the Strait Area Chamber of Commerce and the Northeast Highlands Chamber of Commerce, and JCI Cape Breton. The Memorandums of Understanding (MOUs) are designed to further enhance cooperation and collaboration between organizations.