February 20, 2015

Saint Mary’s University Looking to Youth for Start Up 100 Program

100 new businesses in 100 days. An ambitious goal set forward by the Sobey’s School of Business Start Up 100 program. Working alongside the province of Nova Scotia, the program is aimed towards helping youth develop their business ideas and create them into viable commercial ventures in just 100 days.


Preliminary meetings have already taken place, but the official launch of Start Up 100 will take place on February 20, 2015. Program organizers from the Sobey’s School of Business visited Annapolis Valley, Halifax, Amherst, New Glasgow and Cape Breton to meet with a number of young people and potential participants to listen to their ideas for business start-ups and to gain insight on how young people feel about entrepreneurship. Following the information sessions 35 candidates signed up as potential young entrepreneurs for the program. There are no boundaries on what type of business the participants can create, even if someone doesn’t have a clear vision, the Start Up 100 program mentors are there to help identify the needs of their community and guide the planning process.


The program will run for 100 days ending on May 30, 2015. Participants will receive training to learn the necessary tools needed to begin a business venture in their communities. The Start Up 100 program provides an excellent opportunity for young entrepreneurs to gain access to a priceless resources and opportunities to network and receive mentorship from prominent business professionals. If considered a viable business, some program participants will have access to $5000 in interest free funding. Spots in the program are held on a first come first serve basis.


Those interested in applying should visit smu.ca/startup100 or email jared.perry@smu.ca

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