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Legacy Investor


Business Address:

111 Membertou Street
Membertou Nova Scotia
B1S 2M9

Contact Information:

Phone: 902-564-6466
Fax: 902-539-6645

Named after the Grand Chief Membertou (1510-1611) the Membertou First Nation belongs to the greater tribal group of the Mi'kmaw Nation. Membertou is situated in the city of Sydney, Nova Scotia, within its tribal district of Unamaki (Cape Breton). It is one of five M'kmaw communities in Cape Breton, and one of thirteen in the Province of Nova Scotia. Membertou is an urban First Nation community consisting of over 1050 people, and one of 5 communities that make up the Cape Breton Regional Municipality, with a total population of over 115 thousand people.

Membertou was not always situated at its present location. Many years ago, Membertou (formally known as the Kings Road Reserve) was located just off of Kings Road, along the Sydney Harbor. In 1916, the Exchequer Court of Canada ordered the relocation of the 125 Mi'kmaq; the first time an aboriginal community had been legally forced through the courts to relocate in Canadian history. In 1926, the Membertou Community was officially moved to its present day location.

The Chief Executive Officer, 15 department directors and general managers run the day to day operations of Membertou. The administration oversees all initiatives and policies of the council and has a team involving the CEO, Senior Advisor Daniel Christmas and the directors of Health, Social Services, Finance, Education, Human Resources, Public Works and Natural Resources.

The CEO and General Managers oversee Membertou's business operations that include Membertou's Seafood and Commercial Operations, Trade and Convention Business, Gaming Commission, GIS Consulting Services, Market and Gas Business, Retail Operations, Quality Management Services, I.T. Services and Data Housing and Management Services.