Premium Seafood Group

Business Address:

PO Box 39
Arichat Nova Scotia

Contact Information:

Phone: (902) 226-2633
Fax: (902) 226-0026

Originally incorporated in 1983 as a lobster brokering business, Premium Seafoods has grown into a major distributor of world-class seafood products, as well as an integral part of the local economy.

Now known as the Premium Group of Companies, and lead by General Managers/Owners Edgar Samson and Brian Samson, the company brokers, processes and distributes an increasingly wide variety of seafood. The company is continually looking at new possibilities, while always maintaining a focus on how to best meet the needs of their various clients and partners.

The Premium Group of Companies also continues to make it a priority to seek opportunities, and to work on projects, that will provide local people with the opportunity for gainful employment in their community.