Executive Investor

Strait Area Chamber of Commerce

Business Address:

4 MacIntosh Ave Unit 2
Port Hawkesbury Nova Scotia
B9A 3K5

Contact Information:

Phone: 902-625-1588
Fax: 902-625-5985
Email: straitareacoc@ns.sympatico.ca
Website: http://straitareachamber.ca/

The Strait Area Chamber of Commerce is a business development organization that promotes, improves, and protects trade and commerce; and in so doing, ensures that the Strait Area is one of the best regions in which to invest, live, work, and conduct business.

An active Chamber of Commerce is essential to the continued economic and community growth in the Strait area. In order to be effective in its delivery, the Chamber must have a strong membership base from which to draw its resources. When you join the Strait Area Chamber of Commerce, you are making a commitment to the future of the Strait of Canso and its surrounding communities.