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Business Address:

37 Nepean Street
Sydney Nova Scotia
B1P 1J2

Contact Information:

Phone: 902-237-4231

UIT is an immersion program that develops founders using project-based courses, open source curriculum and proven entrepreneurs as mentors. The program is designed to help aspiring entrepreneurs understand how the world's most successful startups have achieved their goals. 


UIT has two semesters, one from September to December, and another from January to April. Being an extension of Cape Breton University, UIT gives the students an opportunity to earn university credits for their efforts, ten total courses per semester, three credits per course.


UIT's objectives include:

- Promoting collaboration through project-based courses, open-source curriculum, and entrepreneurial/technique mentorship.

- Provide educational opportunities and training tools for technical founders.

- Showcase entrepreneurship assets and infrastructure locally, nationally and internationally.