PowerTel Utilities Contractors Limited

Business Address:

7A Peruz Court, 2nd Floor
Bedford Nova Scotia
B4A 4G2

Contact Information:

Phone: 902-832-4565
Fax: 902-832-6480

PowerTel Utilities Contractors Limited originated in Fort William, Ontario in 1968. The company has grown to become one of Canada's leading high voltage contractors offering services in transmission lines, substations and distribution systems including all phases from development to commissioning. PowerTel has achieved a long history of success from years of investment in industry leading safety programs, quality managements systems, personnel training and equipment acquistion. Their fllet of PowerTraxx Off-road Utility Vehicles is the largest and most modern in North America. PowerTel has constructed 1000s of kilometers of powerline in Canada and the United States for licensed transmitters, local distrubition companies, First Nations communities, industrial facilities and private installations. Many utilities have placed PowerTel on their preferred emergency response list.