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Wood Wyant

Business Address:

27 Fielding Avenue
Dartmouth Nova Scotia
B3B 1C9

Contact Information:

Phone: 902-468-2879

Our main objective is not only to sell products. We want to offer you our expertise, tools, procedures and training programs so that you can meet your own cleaning, sanitizing requirements and budgets. Our ultimate goal is to offer comprehensive solutions that will allow you to use the right product and the best methods with the support of our knowledgeable staff when it is convenient to you.

Basically, our philosophy is to team up with you to find solutions that will promote healthy environmental practices while optimizing your operations with measurable results.

We know that your challenges are multi-faceted. With our proven programs we will help you use our resources in areas where they will have the most impact on your costs and effectiveness.

Reducing chemical consumption and its impact on the environment, improving indoor air quality, offering ergonomic tools and equipment, training your personnel, improving safety in the workplace, fighting cross contamination in order to reduce risks in your activity sector, controlling costs, all this forms an integral part of the analysis and expertise that we can provide. Additionally, our implementation strategy ensures that your objectives are reached and quantified.