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Cape Breton Post

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255 George St., PO Box 1500
Sydney Nova Scotia
B1P 6K6

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Phone: 902-564-5451


The Cape Breton Post had its beginnings in the early 1900s. The Cape Breton Post has had a varied history. Its evolution was the result of a combination of two separate entities. It evolved from the Record, which was a Liberal paper, and the Post, a Conservative publication. The Record, the earlier of the two, originated as a weekly in 1884. Twelve years later, in 1896, it became a daily. The cost of the Record was three dollars a year. A weekly paper also seems to have continued for a few years under the title of Reporter. The cost of the weekly Reporter was one dollar per year. Both were published by the Sydney Publishing Company. The second element in the Post-Record had originated as the Post in 1896. At first it was a weekly paper, but Tuesday, March 28, 1901, it became a daily newspaper - the Sydney Daily Post. It was published six days a week.

Its cost was two cents per copy or three dollars a year. Like the Record, it continued its weekly edition under a new name. This weekly was called the Bras D'Or Gazette. The Gazette sold for one dollar per year.

For several years the Sydney Publishing Company operated two dailies, the Record and the Post. The Sydney Publishing Company changed its title twice, first to the Cape Breton Publishing Company and then to the Record Publishing Company.

Early records show that the Record Publishing building is the same building occupied by Standard Office Supplies on Charlotte Street which is now the home of Finishing Touch.

The merger of the two dailies took place in 1933. this new publication became an independent daily. January 17, 1933, the Sydney Post- Record published its first issue. It was published twice daily each week day. (This journal succeeded three daily papers which had been published in Sydney for more than a quarter of a century.)

The two reasons given for the merger of the Record and Post were economy (expensive to run two newspapers) and modern progress. The newspaper was published under the title of the Post-Record until 1956. July 14, 1956, the very first issue of the Cape Breton Post was published.

The Post-Record name was dropped in favor of the Cape Breton Post because it was felt that the paper was no longer a one-town paper - it covered the issues of an entire island. Hence the name Cape Breton Post.

The Cape Breton Post remained an independent publication until 1971. The Cape Breton Post became a member of the Thomson Newspaper Corporation effective December 6, 1971.

The Cape Breton Post was purchased by Southam Inc. in 1996. Hollinger took over Southam in 1999 and in November of 2000 the Cape Breton Post became part of the Canwest Group. The Transcontinental Group purchased the newspaper in August, 2002.