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Emera/ Emera Nfld & Labrador/ Nova Scotia Power

Business Address:

369 Keltic Dr
Sydney Nova Scotia
B1H 6H8

Contact Information:

Phone: 1-800-428-6230
Fax: 902-562-0836
Website: http://www.nspower.ca

Nova Scotia Power is focused on building a reputation for customer service and leaving a legacy of cleaner energy.

We’re changing the way we generate electricity in Nova Scotia to meet legislated goals and customer expectations. This change includes increasing our use of renewable energy sources, and investing in our existing thermal generating fleet and transmission and distribution system. Building the renewable energy generation base we need going into the future and achieving environmental compliance with the only CO2 reduction hard cap in North America while keeping costs as low as possible for customers is a challenge. We’re up to the task.

Since 2008, wind generation in Nova Scotia has tripled based on new wind energy projects built by Nova Scotia Power and independent producers, and now makes up as much as 20% of our generation mix on a given day. We’ll see more wind and other forms of renewable energy come online in the future as we work toward the legislated goal of 40 per cent of our generating mix from renewable sources by 2020. Our plan over the next 10 years will see the most significant shift toward renewable energy production anywhere in North America.